Hydraulic Product Calculator

Calculate specifications for your Hydraulic requirements using our Hydraulics products selector table

The following formulas are to be a guideline only and are not to be used for actual design of a hydraulic system.

Basic Formulas

Formula ForWord FormulaLetter Formula
Fluid Pressure

In Pounds/Square Inch
Pressure = Fluid PressureP = Fluid Pressure or psi = Fluid Pressure
Fluid Flow Rate

In Gallons/Minute
Flow Rate = Fluid Flow RateQ = Fluid Flow Rate
Fluid Power

In Horsepower
Horsepower = Fluid PowerHP = Fluid Power

Pump Formulas

Formula ForWord FormulaLetter Formula
Pump Outlet Flow

In Gallons/Minute
Flow = FlowQ = Flow
Pump Input Power

In Horsepower Required
Horsepower Input = Horsepower InputHPIN = Horsepower Input or horsepower_input
Pump Efficiency

Overall in Percent
Overall Efficiency = overall_efficiency X 100

Overall Efficiency = Volumetric Eff. x Mechanical Eff.
EffQV = overall_efficiency x  100

EffQV = EffVOL x EffMECH
Pump Efficiency

Overall in Percent
Volumetric Efficiency = Volumetric Efficiency x 100EffVOL = Volumetric Efficiency x 100
Pump Efficiency

Mechanical in Percent
Mechanical Efficiency = Mechanical Efficiency x 100EffMEC = Mechanical Efficiency x 100
Pump Life

B10 Bearing Life
B10 Hours of Bearing Life = Rated Life Hours x Pump Life x Pump LifeB10 x Pump Life x Pump Life

Cylinder Formulas

Formula ForWord FormulaLetter Formula
Cylinder Area

In Square Inches
Area = pi x Radius2 (Inches)

Area = Cylinder Area x Diameter2 (Inches)
A = pir2

A = Cylinder Area or A = .785D2
Cylinder Force

In Pounds, Push or Pull
Force = Pressure (psi) x Net Area (Square Inches)F = psi x A or F = PA
Cylinder Velocity or Speed

n Feet/Second
Velocity = Cylinder VelocityV = Cylinder Velocity or V = Cylinder Velocity
Cylinder Volume Capacity

In Gallons of Fluid
Velocity = cylinder_volume_capacity

Velocity = cylinder_volume_capacity
V = cylinder_volume_capacity

V = cylinder_volume_capacity   / = Length of Stroke
Cylinder Flow Rate

In Gallons Per Minute
Flow Rate = Cylinder Flow RateQ = Cylinder Flow Rate or  Q = 3.117vA
Fluid Motor Torque

In Inch Pounds
Torque = Fluid Motor Torque

Torque = Fluid Motor Torque

Torque = Fluid Motor Torque
T = Fluid Motor Torqueor T = Fluid Motor Torque

T = Fluid Motor Torque

T = Fluid Motor Torque or T = Fluid Motor Torque
Fluid Motor Torque/100 psi

In Inch Pounds
Torque/100 psi = Fluid Motor Torque/100 psiT100psi = Fluid Motor Torque/100 psi
Fluid Motor Speed

In Revolutions/Minute
Speed = Fluid Motor Speedn = Fluid Motor Speed
Fluid Motor Power

In Horsepower Output
Horsepower = Fluid Motor PowerHP = Fluid Motor Power

Volume & Capacity Equivalents

VolumeCubic InchesCubic FeetCubic YardsLitersU.S. GallonsImperial GallonsWater at Max. Density 39.2ºF 4ºC

Pounds of Water
Water at Max. Density 39.2ºF 4ºC

Kilograms of Water
Cubic Inches1.00000.00057870.000021430.0163840.00432000.00360650.03612750.0163872
Cubic Feet1,728.00001.00000000.0370370028.3170007.48052006.232100062.428300028.3170000
Cubic Yards46,656.000027.00000001.00000000764.560000201.9740000168.26600001,685.5600000764.5590000
U.S. Gallons231.00000.13368100.004951003.7854301.00000000.83311108.34545003.7854300
Imperial Gallons277.27400.16054900.005942904.5437401.20032001.000000010.01720004.5437300
Lbs Water27.67980.01601840.000592900.4535920.11982500.09982811.00000000.4535930
To ConvertIntoMultiply By
Cubic CentimetersCubic Inches0.06102
Cubic InchesCubic Centimeters16.39
Cubic InchesGallons0.004329
GallonsCubic Inches231.0
Foot PoundsNewton Meters1.356
Newton MetersFoot Pounds0.737
Imperial GallonsU.S. Gallons1.20
LitersU.S. Gallons0.2642

Conversion Formulas

GPM = (DISP. * RPM) / 231
HP = (FT LBS. * RPM) /5252
HP = (GPM * PSI) / 1714
RPM = (GPM * 231) / DISP.
FT. LBS. = (PSI * DISP.) / 75.36

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