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Milwaukee Cylinder is proud of their role as a supplier of NFPA Industrial Cylinders. When the cylinder you are buying must have built in performance qualifications you can not only turn to the Milwaukee Cylinder Catalog but you can keep coming back for more. The Milwaukee Cylinder catalog includes cylinders for use in the agriculture irrigation, for food processing equipment, machinery used in automotive and truck manufacturing. The Milwaukee Cylinder catalog also supplies cylinders for the machine tool industry, testing equipment and material handling. At Milwaukee their standard line of cylinders offer an extensive variety for most jobs. If a standard won’t fit your bill, Milwaukee are specialists in engineering entirely different cylinders to perform the functions you require.

Milwaukee Cylinder Catalog Overview


  • Series H – Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Series MH – Metric Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Series LH – Low Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Series A – Pneumatic Steel Cylinders
  • Series MN – Pneumatic Aluminum Cylinders
  • High Heat Cylinder Applications
  • Smart Cylinder Technology
  • Cylinder Accessories
  • Special Certifications

Power Units

  • Hydraulic power units are built for your application
  • Specification assistance-turnkey, fully tested solutions
  • Gear, Vane, Piston Pumps
  • Gear, Vane, Piston Pumps
  • Electric, diesel, gas driven options
  • Multiple reservoir styles
  • Full line of directional valves, accessory valves, and manifolds
  • Special and catalog products

Boosters and Accumulators

  • Pressure Boosters are ideal for limited operation applications requiring intermittent high pressure when you only have low pressure air
  • Air Oil Tanks supplement a booster system by providing a source of low pressure oil, while also providing an outlet for entrapped air
  • Accumulators can improve overall system efficiency

Industrial Manipulators

  • Quick, easy lifting and positioning of heavy dies, tooling and parts
  • One-man control – saves time and labor
  • 2-speed control permits fast movement and precise positioning of load
  • Articulated arm simplifies positioning of load, folds away for convenient storage

Special Applications

  • Adjustable Stroke Cylinder
  • Adjustable Stop Cylinder
  • Nose Mounted Cylinder
  • Heavy-Duty Cylinder
  • Controlled Rotating Cylinder
  • Tilt System Cylinder

Milwaukee Cylinder where specials are their standard!

Find out how Independent Hydraulics Inc and Milwaukee Cylinder can help you with your cylinder needs.

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