Canfield Moulded Connectors

The 5F and 5J molded connector lines offer an all molded construction with integrated gasket and is virtually indestructible and impervious to ingress of particulates and water.  Connector types are offered in mini, ISO and sub-micro designs. Connector options include indicator lights, surge suppression, timers, latching, solenoid drivers and proportional solenoid controllers to meet your needs.

Able to withstand such hard usage under almost any condition and continue to perform, the 5F and 5J series from Canfield is a great tool to keep things running. With optional lighting and voltage suppression features the 5F and 5J series are great for troubleshooting equipment and overcoming unnecessary downtime. The 5F and 5J series comes assembled with standard 6 or 15 foot leads, custom lengths are available. This makes this series great for quick installation and efficiency.

Let us know at Independent Hydraulics Inc how we can help you with the 5F and 5J moulded connector series from Canfield Connectors!

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