Anchor AV Valve

Independent Hydraulics is pleased to be able to offer the AV heavy duty application series of hydraulic ball valves from Anchor Fluid Power. The AV2 Series valves are designed to better withstand high shock and vibration applications such as with excavator attachments like grapples, thumb circuits & hydraulic hammers.

Advantages of the AV2 Series valves over standard hydraulic ball valves include o-ring backup sealing, detent handle stop, vibration resistant stop washer & pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes on two faces of the valve. The PA612 seat material resists deformation at high pressures and operating temperatures.

Valves are supplied with hex style stems and without handles to limit tampering. Independent Hydraulics even offers plug weld mounting bases for ease of install and to save time on paint touch-ups. For tough ball valve applications the AV series of valves is the right answer!

Let us know at Independent Hydraulics Inc how we can help you with the AV series of ball valves from Anchor Fluid Products!

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