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Yuken Overview

The first practical engine to use a piston in a cylinder was installed in an English coal mine in 1712. Hydraulic pumps have been working hard ever since to empower everything from construction trucks to injection moulding machines.

Yuken hydraulic pumps are used around the world in demanding applications. Backed by 65 years of innovation, the Yuken line includes a wide range of pumps, all available from Independent Hydraulics.

Yuken pumps

Yuken Pumps

Yuken variable displacement piston pumps are known for their efficiency. Your choice of Yuken vane pumps includes everything from small capacity to high-pressure models.
Yuken pumps
Yuken pressure control valves

Yuken Pressure Control Valves

When you need a quality pressure control valve at a competitive price, choose a Yuken from a range that includes relief valves to pressure switches.

Yuken control pressure valves
Yuken flow control valves

Yuken Flow Control Valves

Designed by Yuken to maximize efficiency, Yuken flow valves maintain a constant flow precisely and consistently.

Yuken flow control valves
Yuken directional control valves
Yuken directional control valves
Yuken directional control valves

Yuken Directional Control Valves

To maintain the proper flow of your hydraulic circuit, depend on Yuken directional control valves. Designed to Japan Oil Hydraulics standards, they feature quality construction and quick response time.

Independent Hydraulics carries a large stock of D03   D05 solenoid directional valves, parts, and accessories. Modular Valves

Modular valves by Yuken can solve your valve challenges. They're compact and easy to install and maintain. And because they don't require pipes and tubes, Yuken modular valves simplify your hydraulic system while minimizing leaks, noise, and vibration.

Yuken directional control valves
Yuken directional control valves
Yuken directional control valves

Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Controls

Yuken has revolutionized hydraulic equipment with precise and reliable electronic technology. By unifying the amplifier, sensor, and hydraulic components, many of the problems caused when these elements are installed separately are eliminated.

proportional electro hydraulic controlsproportional electro hydraulic controls 


Yuken has been at the forefront of technical innovation. Landmark achievements include the development of the first proportional valve. With technical expertise, high manufacturing standards, and continuous investment in products, Yuken is the supplier of choice for hydraulic pumps and valves around the world.

Discover the power of Yuken at Independent Hydraulics.

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