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"We Stand By Our Service Commitment To You!"

Independent Hydraulics Inc offers hydraulic design manufacture, hydraulic product sales, hydraulics repair and maintenance service, as well as technical support for each and every hydraulic part and hydraulic product line we supply and recommend.

Independent Hydraulics Inc offers complete in-shop services for:

  • Repair of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, and cylinders
  • Machining
  • Test facilities, up to 100 hp test bench
  • Fabrication of all sizes for hydraulic power units and custom hydraulic systems

We are also a fully-equipped vehicle for:

  • Mobile service
  • Trouble shooting
  • Installation

If you require hydraulic parts or hydraulic service, we are ready to take the challenge. We provide fast quotes on high quality hydraulic drives and hydraulic brakes. It could be belt conveyor, winch or hoisting machinery; we can help you to find right solution for your particular application. Request a quote now, click here.


" Hydraulics Design and Manufacture Since 1983...
You Can Count On Our
Expertise! "

We are a distributor for Dellner Disc Brakes. We specialize in hoisting and heavy-duty applications. If you need disc brakes, we can find a braking solution that would fit to your existing system.

Hydraulics Power Unit Design

Hydraulics PowerunitWe design and construct custom power units of continuous or intermittent use. Complete units provide a stand-alone source of hydraulic power for mobile or industrial applications. Power units feature high quality design, compact size, low noise and reliable, trouble free operation, and pressure capabilities up to 10,000 psi.

The power units are designed for either closed or open loop hydraulic system, with built-in air/oil cooler, high-pressure and return filter (depend on customer requirement). The electric hardware is mounted in a separate junction box that is installed on the units. This contains local control of the pump and can be mounted separately if required. Read more about our custom hydraulic systems design

Contact our Independent Hydraulics specialist to discuss your hydraulics and power units design service needs, click here

Hydraulics Parts and Hydraulic Product SalesHYDRAULIC PARTS & HYDRAULIC PRODUCT SALES

Independent Hydraulics Inc offers wide range of hydraulic products. Our line of hydraulic products goes from accessories and auxiliary equipment to hydraulic pumps, motors and disc brakes. Our major hydraulic product lines are: Stauff , Yuken, Simplex, Permco, Command Controls, Dellner Brakes , IHI Reservoirs , Milwaukee Cylinder, Husco, Marzocchi Pumps, M & S Hydraulics , Webtec, Parker, SAIP, LENZ, Wandfluh, Oleostar, Casappa, Lovejoy, Gems Sensors, Axial Pump, STC Pneumatics, Hystar, Cross Manufacturing, Rotary Power, Hedland Flow Meters, RRUSA Inc., ThermaSys Corp.

An Independent Hydraulics specialist can assist you with selecting the best hydraulic product suited to your needs and project requirements. Contact a hydraulics specialist today for the answers to all your questions, click here

Hydraulics Repair and Maintenance ServiceHYDRAULICS REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE SERVICE

One part of our services is hydraulic repairs. Hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, cylinders and other hydraulic components are our field of expertise. Stationary or mobile, international or domestic.

We can send our experienced technician to your site to trouble-shoot your system and recommend repairs that will get you back up and running quickly and avoid costly downtime.

Hydraulics Design SpecialistWe can service all sizes and types of hydraulic systems and components, including:

  • Trouble-shooting and overhauling of hydraulic system
  • Rebuilding hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Maintenance programs custom designed to suit your needs
  • Pressure oil testing

We service all the major Canadian and foreign hydraulic component manufacturers: Vickers, Parker-Hannifin, Greesen, Racine, Hagglunds, Rexroth, Dowty, Dowmatic, HTL, Rotary Power and more. If you don't see your hydraulic system or product on this site, and are not sure if we can service it, simply contact us online, or call to speak with a Independent Hydraulics specialist to discuss your hydraulics repair and maintenance service needs Toll-Free: 1-888-451-2221

Hydraulics Technical SupportTECHNICAL SUPPORT

Independent Hydraulics can provide you with technical support for each and every hydraulic product and product line we supply and recommend. We sell hydraulics parts and service locations throughout North America, both Canada, United States and beyond. Whether your needs are for a newly engineered hydraulics system design in northern British Columbia; or simply need a hydraulic part shipped to Alberta, Canada, or get disc brakes to you in South America, Austraulia or Findland... we can help service you regardless of your location.

For more information on our Hydraulic Design Services, please call an Independent Hydraulics specialist Toll-Free at 1-888-451-2221

Request a quote online for your hydraulic product, hydraulic service or design, [click here]


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